Program Title: PEARLS FROM THE SEA: Music & Dance of Tahiti
Program Length: 49 min. (TRT 48:06)
Closed Captioned: No
Stereo: Yes
Format / Version; SD Base
Aspect Ratio: 4x3
Suggested TV Ratings: TV-G

Short Description: A documentary about Tahitian music and dance with information about the history and culture, and the recent revival of traditional Tahitian - and Polynesian - culture. The principal performers are a northern California group composed primarily of Filipinos who have fallen in love with and adopted Tahitian culture. Secondary performance comes from ethnic Tahitians.

The main performing group is "Te Mana 'O Te Ra." In addition to their energetic and enthusiastic performance, the artistic directors Rey and Lisa Aguilar provide fascinating information about their Tahitian tattoos, and about the wonderful voyages of the Hokule'a, a double-hulled sailing canoe that is a modern recreation of the vessels used by the ancient Polynesians to cross the vast Pacific without aid of compass or modern navigational tools.

In addition, the musicians, led (and taught) by Rey Aguilar, demonstrate their instruments and explain how they are created, while Lisa Aguilar, the choreographer and teacher of the dancers, tells how the costumes are made including the "grass skirts."

"Pearls from the Sea" is produced, directed and hosted by Eve A. Ma, with Richard R. Lee serving as associate director. Charity Offril is the principal solo dancer. The documentary is part of Ma's series on world music and dance, "The Languages of Sound and Movement.".

Flags: None
Broadcast History: aired over BETV (San Francisco Bay Area), various dates, Jan-June 2016
aired over various cable stations in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, 2012-2014
Tags: Tahitian music & dance; Polynesians; Tahiti
Producer: Eve A. Ma (Dr. L. Eve Armentrout Ma, Esq.)
PALOMINO Productions
P.O. Box 8565, Berkeley, CA., 94707, USA
Date Completed: Jan. 2015 (revised from earlier work)
Funding: producer self-funded
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